Taste the Mineral Benefits of Premium Water at Suntec City



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Taste the Mineral Benefits of Premium Water at Suntec City

There is a reason Premium Water is the most popular water dispenser in Japan! Our alkaline water is rich with health benefits and offers a unique, smooth taste. We invite you to come to our kiosk at Suntec City and find out for yourself why so many people are choosing Premium Water, and learn all about what makes our product stand-out!


Premium Water is sourced from Mt. Fuji, where the water is rich in nutritional content. It then undergoes a filtration process in a way that maintains all its minerals while offering a smooth and refreshing taste.



Pride in Quality

At Premium Water, we set our quality and taste standards extremely high to ensure we are offering a top of the range product. To learn more about our award-winning water, come to our kiosk located at Suntec City and sample the water for yourself. Our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and educate you on the numerous benefits of alkaline water!




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Suntec City Mall
B1 in front of Crystal Jade event space