FAQ of PREMIUM WATER - Mild Alkaline Water from a Water Dispenser

About Premium Water

Where are the water of "Premium Water" from?

“Premium Water” is natural water born in the foot of mount Fuji and filtered with basaltic rock formations over 60 years (*). We delivery high quality natural water to our customer in Singapore from Japan.
*July 2019, Research by the Earth Science Institute Co., Ltd.

Is "Premium Water" an mild alkaline water?

"Premium Water" is slightly alkaline water with pH 8.3. pH is the amount of hydrogen ion. pH 7 is neutral. The lower it gets, water gets acidity. When it is more than 7, it is alkalinity.

What kind of merit does a dissolved oxygen have?

”Dissolved oxygen" is the oxygen included in water. The amount of oxygen is in proportion with the quality and taste. If it is 5.0mg/l, it is said to be enough high quality. As for Premium Water, it includes more than 8.2mg/l, which means it is a truly clear and "living water".

What kind of treatment is done to the water of "Premium Water"?

We adopt "non-heated treatment". Since the water itself is high quality, and with our quality management, we are premitted to process non-heated treatment. Enjoy the natural taste of natural water.

Can the water be used for baby's milk?

Please feel safe to use it for your baby’s milk. It is sometimes said not to make baby's milk with mineral water, but this means hard water. Premium Water is soft water so there is no problem to use it for babies.

Does a natural water have an expiration date?

Please drink the opened bottles in at least a month. (We recommend to drink the opened water as soon as you can.) And please keep the water bottles where there is no direct sun, and is dry and cool as possible. The expiration date of the unopened bottles are six months.

What is the point to notice on storage natural water?

Please keep the water bottles in a cool place without sunlight. Do not keep them outside or in a high humidity place.

About Our Water Dispenser

How should I do the maintenance of water dispenser?

Please clean the dispenser by yourself.

When changing the bottle, if water is pooled around the outlet, wipe it off and disinfect with an alchohol. The hole of the tap needs to be cleaned constantly as well.

Please check here for more about the maintenance.

I don't really need not hot or cold water. Can I leave the water dispenser without turning on the power to dispense hot or cold water?

The water dispenser will become insanitary if it is used for a long period of time without turning on the hot or cold water switches. We therefore recommend that you turn ON the hot/cold water switches.
〈How to Drain the Water〉
1. Turn OFF the hot water switch, then disconnect the plug.
※Wait for about 6 hours after disconnecting the power. This will give enough time for the hot water to cool down. 2.Dispense the water from either hot or cold water tap.
3.Pull out and disconnect the empty water bottle from the water dispenser.
4.Dispense the remaining water within the dispenser from the cold water tap.
5.Drain water by releasing the water drainage cap (translucent) and the rubber cap (green color) located at the rear of the dispenser.
6.Tighten the water drainage.

How should I disposal the empty bottles?

The bottle is made from polyethylene terephthalate, so please throw it away as garbage, or recycle it. You don't need to make space for empty bottles since the bottles need not to be collected.

How is the size of dispenser?

Premium Water is a small size dispenser, which is usable in any places.
[amadana standard dispenser]

What is the preset temperature of the dispenser?

Hot water is about 87°, which is the best temperature for coffee and tea. Cold water is about 6°, which is the best temperature to drink. * Both of the temperature when the switch is on.

Our Rates and Services

I would like to know the flow for the order.

After application by website or telephone, the dispenser and water bottles will be delivered the shortest,three buisness days.

How much is it?

We have two plans for rental or purchase.

You can use a dispenser for free, but need $200 as a refundable deposit.
*The return of deposit depends on the period you used.
-Less than a year: $0
-Less than 2 years: $100
-More than 2 years: $200

The price of a dispenser is $290 (+tax).

〈Water Bottles〉
The price of water bottles delivered on regular basis is $60 (+tax) per a set (12L×2 bottles).
*Please order by a set unit.

How much is the delivery fee?

The delivery fee is not charged.

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card only.
VISA and Master Card can be used.

Please show me delivery area.

We can deliver to all area except isolated islands, airports and military facilities.
You can check the detail from here.

Contacting Procedures

How can I change the imformation delivery address registered when applying?

Please call the customer center.
TEL. 3165-5069

How many days before should I contact to change the date of delivery or the number of bottles of water?

The water bottles will be delivered automatically on the frequency you selected. Please let us know your request before a week at least. Your request will be accepted by calling customer center, or changing your information on “My Page”.

About the skip of regular purchase.

59 days of suspend is possible. If you are going to suspend more than 60 days, commission would be charged.

How should I cancel the contract?

Please call the customer center.
TEL. 3165-5069

How should I change the credit card number I registered first?

Please call the customer center.
TEL. 3165-5069

I lost the ID and password. How should I do?

If you have the registered email address, you can check them on "Login ID/Password" page. We will send you an email to re-set the ID and password.If you don't have the registered email address, please call the customer center.
TEL. 6820-1108


Water does not come out from the taps of hot and cold water.

Please check if the water bottle is not empty. If it is, change the bottle to new one.
The water receiving bar and the bottle may not be installed correctly. Please check the prodedure again.

Water is pooled around the water receiving bar

Wipe the water off, and put a new bottle on. If it is still not solved, please call the customer center.
TEL. 3165-5069

The temperature of hot water was getting cooler after using continuously.

Both hot water and cold water are refilled in the tank. When you use them continuously, hot water could be getting cooler and cold water could be getting warmer.

Water is leaking from the dispenser

The bottle may be installated in the wrong way.Take the bottle off from the dispenser and clean around the water receiving bar, and install the bottle again.

About water leaking
(1) Water is leaking around the dispenser's body installation.
The reason and how to manage:The dispenser and the bottle may not be plugged correctly. Please check if it is on the correct place.
(2) Water is pooled around the water receiving bar when taking off the bottle.
Reason and how to manage:The dispenser and the bottle may not be plugged correctly. Please check if it is on the correct place.

I tried the solution but it does not change

Please call the customer center.
TEL. 3165-5069
*If it was negligence by the customer, some fee could be charged.

The water comes out, but the hot water does not.

It may take some time until the hot water comes out when it is your first time of use. Please keep pushing the tap until the hot water comes out. It is also one of the reason hot water does not come out that water in the hot tank runs out. Check the amount of residual water in the tank and please change the bottle.

The water does not become hot water or cold water.

Please check the dispenser is plugged in the outlet. If not, please plug it.

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