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Premium Water provides natural alkaline water with minerals from Mt. Fuji, Japan. The water is never heat-treated, meaning it looses none of its naturally occurring minerals and maintains a smooth, clean taste.


Premium Water has been recognised as the best-quality water company in a nation with some of the highest standards in the world—Japan. Over 490,000 people in Japan use Premium Water’s delivery service for their home or office. In 2017, even more people are opting to use Premium Water’s dispensers, making it the highest-selling water dispenser provider in Japan.



Experience Premium Water

At Premium Water Kiosk at Liang Court, you can taste Premium Water yourself and try out our dispensers firsthand. You can meet our representatives who will happily help you understand what makes our product so great, including taste, nutritional components, how exactly the water is processed from Japan to Singapore. Come to the Premium Water Kiosk at Liang Court and see what true quality water is like today!








Location Information


177 River Valley Road, Liang Court.
1F in front of Starbucks Coffee

Open Hour: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm