What is Natural water?


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About Water Situation in Singapore

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. In the case of the baby body, the ratio is 70-80%.It is certain that the water is essential for the human being.

In Singapore, it’s not rich in natural water sources.
Then, how do we get water resources?


Water resource in Singapore
In Singapore, we get the water resource in the following ways;
- Reuse water (NEWater)
- Desalinate seawater
- Import water
The tap water from these is hygienic and safe enough to drink.
But some people don’t like its artificial taste

You could be careful about the quality of it, because it is taken to your body every day.

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About "Premium Water"

The quality of "Premium Water", the natural mineral water, is completely different from the distilled water and the filtered water.

One of the points is "water sources".
The water source of Premium Water is the groundwater under the Mt. Fuji, the World Heritage.

The surface water:
Generally speaking, almost water source of tap water is "the surface water".
The surface water is completely exposed to the surface of the earth.
It could be influenced by outside temperature, may be polluted by heavy rain.
To reuse it to be drinkable, we need some process like heating or using chemicals.

The groundwater:
On the other hand, the groundwater is the water filtered by underground over a long period. It is completely separated from the outside, no influence by temperature or weather. Raw water is clear and safe enough to drink as it is. Of course, it doesn’t need the process with the chemicals.
Furthermore, the natural minerals and oxygen melt into the raw water. That’s the key of tasty of water.




Premium Water contains the natural minerals, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, with an ideal balance.
Dissolved oxygen, the key to deliciousness, is included more than 1.6 times the standard value that is said to be at a high level!

To deliver those nature’s gifts to our customers as they are, we Premium Water use non-heated treatment.
Non-heated treatment method is only way to clean, safe raw water.

We would like you to enjoy Premium Water, Japanese high quality natural mineral water born from mother nature!